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Kyle AbrahamA little boasting, if you will allow it and then some behind the scenes business. Classical Musings was just named a "Top 100 Musicology Blog" by, a savvy little website that offers tips on online learning and apparently promotes the University of Phoenix, that strange online entity that has a football stadium (Go Steelers, beat Cardinals) but no campus, but really did a nice job collecting and categorizing the blog writing on the Net. I am in its "musical analysis" category. Fine by me, though I tend to also do a lot of news and just ruminations here, too.

If I only had more time to devote to the blog, it would be even better, but there's this full time critic thing I do, to, and that is going to involve more arts writing since we lost some staff writers lately, including our dance critic Jane Vranish, theater critic Chris Rawson and movie critic Barry Paris, to buyouts (they will still occasionally write). We are still lucky here, with no layoffs in the newsroom and still, relatively speaking, a large staff of A&E writers.

But lately, I have written a piece on TV: Flight of the Conchords, dance,, and pop music, Dean and Britta. I don't mind it, in fact it is enjoyable, but I won't be straying too far from classical music coverage. In fact, I have written about 5 A-1 (front page) stories in the last year, and also some Weekend cover stories, so classical music is getting covered in depth, even if we can't get to everything anymore. And also, I am shooting and producing videos now, with more to come, and that is an exciting new way for us to cover classical music. So the blog is only some of what I do, but I do enjoy it as a venue for more opinion and for passing on things that would never make it into the paper, and I am honored to be noticed. 

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