A hunka, hunka burning questions

Written by Rosa Colucci on .

In the June 9 Local section there is a picture entitled "Elvis Sightings," below which is a caption indicating that these 25 Elvis impersonators are "from Eat’n Park."

I have some concerns, not the least of which is that I might have too much time on my hands, hence this letter.

But notwithstanding that, I’m somewhat confused as to what exactly is meant by "from Eat’n Park." Perhaps these Elvis impersonators work at Eat’n Park, in which case I would have to question the wisdom of eating in a restaurant that was so disproportionately made up of Elvis impersonators.

Or maybe you mean that Eat’n Park is merely hemorrhaging Elvis impersonators. And then again, you could mean that the Elvis impersonators are simply drawn to Eat’n Park restaurants, a frightening prospect indeed; I mean, isn’t it bad enough that I get swallowed up there by teenagers — now I’m going to have to fight off Elvis impersonators.

What’s the deal anyway? And while we’re on the subject, are Elvis impersonators accredited, do they go to an Elvis School, are they licensed? Or does one simply declare oneself to be an Elvis impersonator? Thanks, this stuff is important to me, and to just leave it at "from Eat’n Park" is too big a matzo ball to have hangin’ out there.




With the exception of one professional impersonator, Don Obusek, who showed how it was done, the Elvis impersonators were members of Eat’n Park’s corporate staff and included CEO Jeff Broadhurst and other executives. The Elvises appeared at the Three Rivers Arts Festival in Gateway Center as part of the Eat’n Park Rocks campaign to celebrate the restaurant chain’s 60th anniversary.


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