Look at benefits in city wage comparisons

Written by Rosa Colucci on .

According to the June 10 story "City Employees Largely Underpaid," several job classifications of city workers are underpaid or behind the market.

According to the story, "Council President Doug Shields said the city should look for ways to increase the wages of underpaid professionals, but shouldn't slash the pay of crossing guards or 'some of the best paramedics in the country.' He acknowledged that pay hikes may be hard to justify, since state overseers want the city to cut costs."

Before they start raising wages for everyone, let's look at the total employment package -- wages plus benefits. How many of the people "in the market" get a guaranteed pension, how many holidays and vacation days do they get, how do the insurance benefits compare and what is their contribution to these benefits?

Every time I've heard about any government employee benefits, they far exceed those that the people in the market get. So, if they want more wages, give up the benefits to make things truly comparable.

We should look at this for the state and county employees and all of the quasi-governmental agencies, such as the Port Authority, too. If we want to cut the current deficits we keep hearing about, let's look into making these comparable to the market and save the taxpayers' money.

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