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Written by Rosa Colucci on .

Each day our family is grateful for being able to live the American Dream. My children are now reaping the benefits of high-quality preschool programs and child care, well-funded schools and the opportunity to attend college. A kitchen full of food and a home with paid utility bills is pretty much taken for granted. However, the ongoing state budget crisis is a grim reminder that while my family is doing well, many of my fellow citizens are increasingly vulnerable.

Families are facing unemployment, homelessness, long child-care waiting lists and unfairly funded schools. State lawmakers who claim we can simply cut services, roll back investments in education and refuse to raise revenues, i.e., increase taxes, are making an argument that flies in the face of every fiscal analysis.

It is always hard to think that I may have to pay more, but we need to maintain important programs and services -- even if it means a tax increase. We are the city of champions -- let's step up and let our state lawmakers know that we will work together and pay the price so that less-fortunate children and families can weather these tough economic times.

Highland Park


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