Only one truth

Written by Rosa Colucci on .

The June 16 letters "Truth and Abortion" and "Please Reconsider" offer the premise that human life may not begin at conception; therefore the people who believe there is only one objective truth and who promote their belief that conception is the start of life should back off.

If there are several "truths," then I can eat the mushrooms I found in the woods if I think they are not poisonous, and a hunter can shoot what he sees in the woods, because his truth is that what he sees is a bear, not a man.

When there is any doubt, we must decide in favor of life. If life does not begin at conception, then tell the fertility experts who implant the tiniest embryos; tell the women who take oral contraceptives; tell the teenagers who line up to buy Plan B; tell those old fossils who wrote the book of Psalms. Or ask the woman who just gave birth if she had a child or a possum or a cat.

Up until the 1960s, everyone's objective truth was that fertilization was the point in time when life begins. With the production of newer "contraceptives" that did not prevent ovulation, the American Medical Association changed its truth and said life did not begin until the process of implantation took place.

So, if someone can prove that fertilization produces something that is not alive and growing, they should come forward. Until then, there is only one truth.

Executive Director
People Concerned for the Unborn Child



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