It's time to send a message to North Korea

Written by Rosa Colucci on .

One of the players aggressively went all in with its chips based on its hand in a fearsome and challenging game of no-limit stakes. It was a risky move because this player had the most to lose and the opponent was the chip leader in this deadly game.

The player who laid it all on the line showing stupid courage against adversity is North Korea. Last week, it foolishly challenged the biggest chip holder in the world, the United States, to a risky game of dare. I am sure that we believe it is bluffing.

But, what if North Korea is not? Do we have a wartime president? This is the million-dollar question. We have not seen President Barack Obama show any signs of being tough on hostile nations until recently regarding Iran. North Korea is definitely the aggressor, and it is up to us to fold or call. The only question is what are the cards that we are holding?

I am not a big supporter of war, but against some enemies, it is necessary. There will never be a middle ground because they will die trying to do it their way. It is time to send a message.





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