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Written by Rosa Colucci on .

In the June 19 PG, letter writer Michael Meloro states his opinion that Rep. Tim Murphy has taken the wrong position on cap-and-trade legislation ("Murphy's Stand"). The climate-change legislation referred to is, in fact, nothing more than a pollution tax.

Rather than investing in clean energy technologies, this bill punishes heavy manufacturing and carbon intensive industries with an end goal of eliminating coal as an energy source.

Mr. Murphy voted against the bill because he knows the devastating impact it will have on Pittsburgh jobs and our local economy. There is a better way to clean the air and move to alternative energies, which is why he wants to invest in our clean energy future by putting billions in federal revenue from offshore oil and gas exploration into the research, development and deployment of clean energy that includes our nation's most abundant resource: coal.

The work being done at the National Energy Technology Laboratory in South Park is leading the way in clean energy research and demonstrates that we can use coal without emitting carbon.

Bethel Park
The writer is president of the American Federation of Government Employees, Local 1916, which represents employees at the National Energy Technology Laboratory.



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