Let's see leadership, not self-preservation

Written by Rosa Colucci on .

The PG reports many oppose Gov. Ed Rendell's tax hike proposal ("Opponents Lining Up Against Pa. Tax Increase," June 19). As a fiscal conservative, I can sympathize, but I am troubled by the politics of it all.

Much of the underlying tone of the article suggests many elected officials would not support a tax increase for fear of losing their seats in the upcoming election. This is a disgrace and suggests many of our elected officials do not possess the leadership ability required for their positions. As a citizen of Pennsylvania, I expect my elected officials to do what is best for the state and not their self-interest.

It is easy to be a leader in good times; true leadership is demonstrated through making difficult decisions. Pennsylvania is in a difficult position right now, and I am interested to see if our elected officials are up for the challenge.

Martin Luther King Jr. observed that leadership is about molding consensus. Regardless of whether taxes are increased, the solutions to our state's problems will be uncomfortable for some; officials will have to mold consensus. Pennsylvania needs elected officials more sensitive to the state's best interest than their own.




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