Spend our tax money on these citizen benefits

Written by Rosa Colucci on .

Scott Bricker's June 24 letter ("Multimodal Transit") asking the Port Authority to put bike racks on the buses and trolleys is only scratching the surface of putting Pittsburgh on the bicycle map. There's a lot more to be done.

Pittsburgh hosts the Steelers and Pirates in publicly funded stadiums and ballparks but can't seem to get the governor to finish Point State Park. Anyone sighting a worker actually working on the project should report this to the Post-Gazette immediately.

I rode through Point State Park last Thursday and stopped to use the men's room. Unfortunately it was locked. There is a lack of toilet and water facilities all over our river trails. If you see one, better try to use it since you may not see another one for many miles.

I understand the current financial climate. We are in trouble precisely because we spend money on millionaire projects leaving nothing left for us common taxpayers. Other cities and communities have wonderful biking, walking and activity areas in their communities with public facilities along the way. Without Station Square and South Side Works, there are scant opportunities for relief and refreshment.

One only has to look at the success of the Great Allegheny Passage to realize that new businesses have sprung up as an offshoot of biking and hiking as well as canoeing. It's time for our community will to shift to the benefit of the citizens and not the millionaire/billionaire business that our politicians, managers and officials spend our money on.

In Chicago you can ride your bike to work, park it in a secure garage, rent a locker in a shower area and arrive at work refreshed, exhilarated and fit.




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