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Written by Rosa Colucci on .

I read the lung cancer articles by Mark Roth with great interest, being a lung cancer survivor ("Does Lung Cancer Get Short Shrift?" June 21; "Lung Cancer Patient Takes Aggressive Tack," June 22). The disease, its impact and its challenges are seldom so thoroughly represented in the press -- I thank you for a well-researched, thoughtful set of articles.

Mr. Roth covered the key elements that we advocates talk about constantly: stigma, lack of research funding, risk to younger women, lack of awareness due to low survivorship and no approved screening protocol.

The only concept missing from the articles was the genetic component (linking genetic predisposition to smoking addiction with genetic predisposition to a heightened risk of lung cancer), which was reported in Scientific American last year.

I saw a terrific research presentation by Dr. Jill Siegfried of the University of Pittsburgh Cancer Institute at the annual meeting of the National Lung Cancer Partnership recently. Dr. Siegfried is the vice chair of the scientific committee of the partnership. She is an amazing force in the field of lung cancer research.

A group of advocates and medical professionals in the eastern part of Pennsylvania have just formed a Pennsylvania chapter of the partnership to raise awareness and research funding throughout our state, in support of the partnership's mission to decrease deaths from lung cancer and to help patients live longer and better lives.

Thank you again for bringing lung cancer awareness to the community in a way that it will be heard.

Pa. Lung Cancer Partnership
Board Member
National Lung Cancer Partnership


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