ATMs and alerts

Written by Rosa Colucci on .

This is a suggestion on deterring hold ups at ATMs.

There should be a special code that one should be able to punch, upon which the ATM would alert the computer that the user is being coerced and to call 911 and take as many pictures as possible. The emergency alert code should make the ATM work as it normally does, so the attacker does not harm the card user.

The code would be just to add one to the last digit of the existing code. If someone's current code is 2222 then the emergency code would automatically be 2223 for that card. No special individualized notification would be required -- just an advertising campaign saying this is how it is done.

This could be an opt-in set up, if someone wants this option for their ATM card, they could inform the issuing bank who would program this into their computer system and transmit the information to other participating banks that will accept this card. The required programming patch could be fairly simple.

These are things that our business enterprises should be doing on their own, instead of waiting for the government to impose a system.

Franklin Park


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