Mon Valley pollution

Written by Rosa Colucci on .

It's a sad irony that 50 years late cancer rates are just now being investigated in the Mon Valley area. Having grown up in Liberty Borough, 1954-68, there were many days that the strong odor of sulphur dioxide, as I now know it, would be present, especially at night.

That's when quenching of coke was maximized as the plume was not visible. The prevailing wind is from the west and Liberty rests in a bowl above the Yough, maximizing its presence.

After having recently returned to live in Liberty Borough for two years, I was struck by the number of brain cancer cases that would come up in casual conversation -- this in a relatively small community.

I am inspired to write this now after previously reading a news report that the U.S government is going to spend millions of our tax dollars in industrial areas of China to determine the effects of exactly this kind of exposure. There is no need to study what we have already lived and died here. Keep the money and help the remaining "statistics."

Albany, Calif.


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