Troubled families

Written by Rosa Colucci on .

Regarding the June 29 article about Denzel Nowlin ("Hard Time at a Young Age"): I agree that putting a young man of 16 in an adult facility is incorrect; society and the young man would be much better served if he spent time in a juvenile facility where he could get an education and some counseling. He already has a child who depends on him. Maybe he would be able to make something of himself when he got out instead of becoming a hardened criminal after spending years with men who have more than likely spent their lives in and out of prisons themselves.

However, I disagree with his mother that he is "not an adult."

He fathered a child, had "scrapes" with the law and used a gun to commit a terrifying crime. I'll bet that if you asked the victims of his crime if they were any less terrified because he was 15, they would tell you "no."

Learning disabilities, a brother shot and killed and being too young to have a "fully developed brain" do not give Denzel or any other person an excuse to behave the way that he has. His mother says his older brother was murdered and another brother awaits his day in court also. Is it a surprise then that 16-year-old Denzel is following the same path? One has to look to the parents when three out of four children have had such tragic lives. Where are their father/fathers?

It is very sad that this is not an original story.



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