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Written by Rosa Colucci on .

Regarding the June 28 letter from Dennis Pasparage concerning "redding up" the city ("A Habit of Filth"): He called Pittsburgh a city of pigs. He said the area around Pittsburgh is filthy and covered with litter. He also said that Pittsburgh was the filthiest and most littered area he has seen in the United States.

My husband and I have traveled to other countries, and it was not uncommon to step on a banana peel, or plastic bag, or trip over a tennis shoe just thrown on the ground. We don't see that in Western Pennsylvania, just a few McDonald's bags here and there.

What have we been teaching our young people? We were taught to use litter bags in our cars.

I believe it is a privilege for Pittsburgh to host the G-20. It will bring attention to our beautiful city with the beautiful rivers.

Parents, teach your children to have respect for our city and carry their litter to trash bins. It's about time we stop the littering and teach our children some neatness.

I'm proud of Pittsburgh, and I'm happy it has been chosen for an international meeting. Pick up what you see in the area and put it where it belongs, in a trash bin. It's a 'Burgh thing.



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