Dormont, get with it

Written by Rosa Colucci on .

While some are taking a positive step forward with studying streamlining traffic flow though the communities of Peters, Upper St. Clair and Mt. Lebanon, I think most South Hills commuters can agree that the most aggravating and densely clustered section of Route 19 is the Dormont sector. With 11 misaligned traffic signals within a span of 0.7 miles, Dormont has become a debilitating and congestive strain on South Hills traffic flow.

While most surrounding communities have invested in traffic signals that trigger a light change with a sensor, Dormont continues to use the antiquated and inefficient traffic timer, oftentimes further frustrating already annoyed drivers with the additional irritation of waiting at a traffic signal with little or no cross-traffic.

In addition, why allow on-street parking? Half of the businesses along West Liberty Avenue are vacant, and with unused public parking lots, why not enforce a parking policy to maximize the utilization of these lots instead of intensify the unpleasantness that is driving this span?

Wake up, Dormont: I am not the only one who avoids this section of an otherwise tolerable stretch of pavement like the plague.

Mt. Lebanon


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