'Polite' doesn't work

Written by Rosa Colucci on .

Was the Post-Gazette for real when it printed "Peace and Protest" (July 20 editorial), suggesting the "over the rainbow" idea that protesters voice their grievances by submitting position papers to heads of states during the upcoming G-20 summit?

One of the main reasons peace, social justice and climate justice groups are agitated and offended by the G-20 is the failed policies instituted by these criminal governments that do nothing for the poor and working class segments of the countries that they represent. These finance ministers who represent the world's most powerful countries will be here in our city to advance their own narrow capitalist agenda, not to solve the world's economic problems, end war, improve the quality of life for many or save our environment.

If positive social change happened so "politely" or "neatly," the United States would not be funding endless wars, the working class would not be bailing out Wall Street, our environment would not be offered up for corporate profit and every citizen would have the right to health care.

In the spirit of the powerful words by Frederick Douglass, "Power concedes nothing without a demand," I'll pass on submitting my position papers and will join the thousands truly dedicated to improving global issues on the streets of Pittsburgh in September.



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