Help us bag it

Written by Rosa Colucci on .

We should all be proud to live in "America's Most Livable City," and yet more can be done to make Pittsburgh an even better place to be. That effort starts today at 10 a.m. in Lawrenceville for the First Annual Bag the 'Burgh Day, where I will begin the festivities by picking up garbage at Arsenal Park. You are officially invited to participate in your neighborhood, too.

Sure, the litter is not your fault, and somebody else is probably responsible for cleaning it up, but those arguments miss the point. For the cost of a trash bag and a small amount of effort, we can work together to make Pittsburgh an even better place to be.

You may not have to alter your routine that much. Spend a few seconds here and there sweeping cigarette butts and broken glass from the sidewalks that you walk down every day. Rather than pretending it doesn't exist, just grab that food wrapper and throw it away.

It makes no difference that the mayor or other leaders have never heard of Bag the 'Burgh Day, although they are welcome to participate, too. Could there be a better way to show how much they care about our community than to be seen picking up garbage in public places? But this event is not about politics or publicity. It is about making our city even more beautiful, and even more livable.




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