Time to get tough

Written by Rosa Colucci on .

It felt good to read Dan Simpson's column about President Barack Obama's tough talk to African leaders ("Obama's Unique Role in Africa: The First African-American President Can Tell African Leaders Hard Truths," July 15). But back home, during Wednesday's press conference, the president seemed to be sugar-coating his prescription for health-care reform ("Obama Pitches Health Plan to the Public," July 23).

Maybe it's time for the president to tell some hard truths to the American people about health care.

He'll have to ask some folks to stop beating their breasts about our great health care to hear that the World Health Organization ranks us 37th in the world -- lodged between Costa Rica and Slovenia. He'll have to point out that the same tired threats we're hearing now about socialized medicine and restricted choice were used by the American Medical Association and politicians like Ronald Reagan to oppose Medicare -- now a widely accepted part of our health-care system. And to all the people who want to see the poor pull themselves up by their own bootstraps, he'll have to say that the vast majority -- about 80 percent -- of uninsured Americans are actually working Americans.

President Obama, it's time for some tough talk at home.




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