The GOP has become the obstructionist party

Written by Rosa Colucci on .

Regarding "GOP Goes on Offensive Against Health Care Bills" (July 21): As a 59-year-old American, I find the Republican Party a disgrace. How can any American find it OK if 47 million of our fellow Americans do not have health care? If our senior citizens cannot pay for their medications or are even cutting their pills in half? As the GOP wastes time putting out its attack ads, has it forgotten the Pledge of Allegiance: "one nation under God indivisible ... for all"? It is truly becoming the obstructionist party.

Here is an idea to get things moving. The U.S. government should immediately stop paying health-care coverage for the president, vice president, Cabinet members, senators and congressmen, including family members of all of the above. (And the same should go for the governor and legislators at the state level.)

Take all the time you need, but those obstructionists may get an unexpected reality check to life for the common American. After all, this issue was talked about even before Ronald Reagan ran for governor of California, decades ago. God bless America.


Elizabeth Borough


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