Cuts are hurting

Written by Rosa Colucci on .

Why is it that our state Legislature can find money to fund sports arenas, but it can't pay our state employees and it plans to cut funds to our education system?

If salaries are not going to be paid or are only being partially paid, is this cut affecting our legislators as well? Are they not state employees?

Are our state senators and representatives feeling the same financial difficulties that their constituents are? I seriously doubt it! Have their expense accounts been lowered to help offset the state's deficit?

If education monies are to be cut, is this going also to impact funds to retrain displaced workers? This could start a vicious cycle of parents unable to provide their children with a solid education due to the fact they have no skills to provide the stable environment needed for their children to succeed.

Do we need to replace our elected officials with new people who can exhibit some good old-fashioned common sense?



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