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Written by Rosa Colucci on .

I was discouraged to read where Republican Monica Douglas, who was defeated in her race against Rep. David Levdansky in the 39th District, accused him of being hypocritical. ("Double Standards," July 17). Ms. Douglas seems to think that Mr. Levdansky's acceptance of certain contributions, based on their amounts, puts him at odds with his own legislation which, if enacted, would limit the amounts of campaign contributions. If anyone is guilty of hypocrisy in this instance, I respectfully suggest that it would be Ms. Douglas.

In the 2008 election, Ms. Douglas spent nearly $100,000 in the last 20 days of the campaign on negative ads and mailings, with $60,000 of that coming in contributions from state Republican groups.

From Oct. 16 until election day, Ms. Douglas accepted in-kind contributions for negative mailings of $45,645 from the Republican Party of Pennsylvania; $14,508 from the House Republican Campaign Committee, which also made a $3,000 donation, and another $34,000 on negative TV ads.

When faced with desperate challengers and the deep pockets of Republican machinery, Mr. Levdansky and others have little choice, which is why he continues to champion his campaign finance reform bill to limit this crazy money raising.

Instead of clouding the issue, perhaps Ms. Douglas could make clear whether she, like Mr. Levdansky, supports limiting the influence of money on politics by capping campaign contributions or prefers seeking huge caches of money from special interests.

Allegheny County Democratic Committee


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