Not naive

Written by Rosa Colucci on .

I read with a degree of disappointment the reaction of one reader ("Yes, PG Naivete," July 24 ) to your July 20 editorial ("Peace and Protest: Could an Official Gesture Improve the G-20 Summit?").

The reader inferred that any attempt to ensure that protesters are heard and their causes considered is "ridiculous or naive at best." Sadly, the reader lumped protesters and anarchists together in one body because both use the streets to air their issues.

Unfortunately, sincere protest gatherings become magnets for anarchists and their destructive conduct and I agree that when they appear, anarchists need to be dealt with promptly and firmly.

However, for the sake of our hard-won democratic values gained by protesting the actions of a tyrant king, let us hope that our security forces are prepared to understand the difference between protesters and anarchists and, unlike the way the heroes of the streets of Tehran have been treated, American protesters, whose right it is to come out for or against issues, will have a chance to safely be seen and heard.



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