God in our lives

Written by Rosa Colucci on .

Unless this country gets back to putting God and morals first and foremost, then all else will eventually fail. Education is important, as is the economy, yet our families are falling apart. Pittsburgh schools have police officers, metal detectors and actual police cars for school students.

Babylon, Greece and the Roman Empire all collapsed from within due to greed and moral decline, and it will happen here if our country continues to follow this path.

Before the president spoke at Georgetown University, the cross of Christ was covered up. Most universities in the 1700s, including Harvard, had the Bible as the main book of study, yet today there is angry intolerance by many toward this Bible and Christians who worship the God of this universe.

We are to pray for our leaders, and I pray that God would show their hearts that if you put him and his word first then he will help us with our economic problems, etc., and if we don't and people think that health-care bills and cap-and-trade will be the cure-all, they will eventually see the economic demise of our country.

Castle Shannon

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