Issue One: Shootings in Collier

Written by Rosa Colucci on .

Familiar tragedy

Isn't the saddest thing about this latest mass murder (at the LA Fitness Center in Collier) how familiar it has all become ("Four Dead in Fitness Center Shooting," Aug. 5)? The victims knew just how to react -- run for the exits and help the wounded. No one is really surprised to hear gunfire in a crowded place anymore.

We all have read similar stories. And the follow-up is familiar, too: makeshift shrines, memorial services, stories about the victims and the shooter, and no action whatsoever on laws that might limit gun ownership.

You see, Americans have a sacred right to purchase practically any gun they want. It is what keeps us free.


Squirrel Hill


Killer amendment

Tragedy has struck once again, this time in our own back yard. People were being randomly shot to death by a madman. It makes no sense. But once again a bigger tragedy will happen. Once more some gun owners will cry out that the Second Amendment protects their right to own a gun.

But I can read between the lines. What they are really saying is that my right as an American to be shot and killed by a madman shall not be infringed.


Penn Hills


 Enough about him

Someone please tell me why we are spending all this time and energy on George Sodini's life and trying to understand why or what makes someone wake up and think, "Today I'll not only end my life but I'll take a few with me."

With all this attention, he is getting now just what he wanted. Poor, poor, Mr. Sodini -- no one loves me. I think less and less of this would happen if we just said Mr. Sodini went crazy, killed innocent people and shot himself. End of story. At least on him.

Let's remember the mothers, sisters and friends of the people he hurt and killed in this senseless act.


Castle Shannon


 Victims' rights

Since Charles Manson, madmen and psychopaths have used murder and terror to promote their twisted agendas, which their victims and the public are endlessly exposed to by sensational journalism.

Legislators need to draft a comprehensive victims' rights bill that limits disclosure of the heinous individuals' "reasons" for perpetrating their unspeakable atrocities. Perhaps if they are not guaranteed their fame, they will think twice before taking innocent lives.


Mt. Lebanon



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