Duty unfulfilled

Written by Rosa Colucci on .

Post-Gazette columnist Brian O'Neill has written repeatedly that Pennsylvania has the largest full-time Legislature in the United States -- with a true cost of $1 million per legislator.

It seems obvious that, in Harrisburg at least, size has not related to performance.

The governor, as required, announced his proposed budget in February. Whether one agrees with any governor's proposed budget, it is then the job of the Legislature to construct and pass the state budget.

From February until June 30 -- and then for all of July -- the Legislature had not passed a budget. Now, into August, the state has just a partial budget in place. The governor has met his constitutional duty. The Legislature has not.

Since 1937 Nebraska has had a one-house (unicameral), nonpartisan legislature of 49 members.

At worst, 49 legislators could as easily not pass a budget on time as our current 253. And who knows, only 49 legislators might possibly be able to do their job in the 4 1/2 months allotted to them!




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