Our Legislature works for whose benefit?

Written by Rosa Colucci on .

One wonders who our state representatives (I use the word loosely) represent. Numerous studies conducted recently have determined texting and using cell phones while driving is extremely dangerous, not only to the driver, but to other drivers and pedestrians as well. What do our representatives do to eliminate this dangerous activity? They bicker among themselves and do nothing. Just recently I saw a young lady texting and what appeared to be having a furious and animated argument with her cell phone. She was driving alone and barely looked up.

Pennsylvanians are not allowed freedom to purchase wines over the Internet or in privately owned stores. The survival of private liquor stores would depend on excellent selections, attractive displays and knowledgeable sales representatives. The poorly managed stores would go bankrupt. Of course, there is no fear of that in our state system.

These issues bring up another point. Why do we have so many representatives? It seems to me reducing the number by half or three-quarters would create a more effective body and certainly save the taxpayers a lot of money in salaries and benefits. A leaner House would improve communications and efficiencies and provide a better atmosphere for agreement on issues affecting the public.




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