Don't ruin the plaza

Written by Rosa Colucci on .

Mayor Luke Ravenstahl, please don't let an Eat'n Park restaurant into Schenley Plaza ("Restaurant Proposed in Schenley Plaza," March 20). You will ruin the lovely surroundings with more construction, more noise, more crowds and more mess.

I work for the University of Pittsburgh. My co-workers and I use this park frequently; it's a place to get away from the hubbub and grime in the rest of Oakland. The kiosks work well, supporting entrepreneurship and local color and flavor. If you don't like the kiosk food, bring your own.

The point of the park is to be outside and enjoy the view. It's a park, not a business district. If we want to eat burgers and high-level fast food, we have many choices already. This one just doesn't make sense.


Squirrel Hill


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