Playing outside makes memories while burning off excess energy

Written by Rosa Colucci on .

I wanted to thank Cooper Munroe for her March 14 Forum article regarding children playing outside ("Kick the Kids Out of the House"). I grew up in the '80s in the North Hills and back then Atari seemed oh so exciting. Nonetheless, Atari was something we played when we couldn't be outside. We used to ride our bikes from Bradford Woods to North Park! And stop at the local 7-Eleven for a Slurpee or ice cream.

She hit the nail on the head regarding ADHD. If I grew up in today's world, I surely would have been "diagnosed" with ADHD. I was as hyper and unfocused/hyper-focused as they come. I grew out of it from running around and using all that energy I had.

I feel it is very unfortunate, and a disservice, that many parents today think the kids have a "choice." My mother would have shut the TV and Atari off and that was it. No choice. "Go outside and play," she would say.

Ms. Munroe's mention of children burying, and then digging up, their "treasure" made me remember my own adventures in the woods! And we also buried "treasures" and built a "fort." I can only imagine what the children were saying the acorns and leaves were that they were burying. Perhaps gold and silver!

Anyway, just one warning: Check their pockets when they come in ... I used to put frogs in my pockets and, boy, did my mom scream! Boys will be boys ...




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