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I thank Jack Kelly for his March 23 obituary on America's hero, Arthur Jibilian, the World War II Office of Strategic Services radioman who worked with Gen. Draza Mihailovich and the Serbs to save 500-plus U.S. airmen from behind German-occupied lines in Serbia.

I object, however, to the headline on that article, "Art Jibilian: Part of WWII Team That Rescued Airmen in Nazi Yugoslavia." There is a huge difference between "Nazi Yugoslavia," as the headline blared, and "Nazi-occupied Yugoslavia."

Bill David, an Ohio pilot, was in the Boston airport when he learned of "Jibby's" passing. He wrote this in an e-mail to me: "Art and his fellow soldiers were honest-to-God real live American heroes, the kind that you would read about in comic books. Over 500 lives were saved during WWII and nobody knows about it. The guys they rescued went on to live their lives, father families, build careers, help make America great. Nobody knows of all of this.

"This is not the news of the day. We as a nation are worse off because of it. It disconnects us from our gallant values and what made us great as a country in the first place.

"Tiger Woods will take center stage for his indiscretions. That is the kind of stuff that is important to us now. Everybody knows who Tiger and Paris are, but nobody knows who Draza Mihailovich was and what he and the Serbian people did for our country, the sacrifices they made so that our boys could live."

Perhaps if Americans did know, this wouldn't have been written on the 11th anniversary of the illegal bombing of Serbia by NATO forces.



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