Revising reality

Written by Rosa Colucci on .

In response Ruth Ann Dailey's March 22 column, wherein she accuses Barack Obama of sinking to "a snarkier partisanship than that of any president in history," I would like to point out the Republican Party's contributions to the health care reform debate.

First, there was the painfully slow withdrawal of any support for Sen. Max Baucus' attempts at compromise in the Finance Committee. Then there were cries of death panels and socialism. This was followed by Sen. Mitch McConnell's proudly stated objective of blocking any of the president's initiatives, thereby forcing the Democrats to do nothing or pass a bill on their own. Finally there was the hysterical deriding of legislative procedures, such as reconciliation and deem and pass, which they themselves had used numerous times while in the majority.

The Republican Party has openly pursued a nihilistic obstructionist strategy to destroy the Obama presidency and regain power. That's their right, but to turn around and accuse the president of shutting them out is cynicism of the highest order. If Ms. Dailey truly thinks the Republicans made any effort toward bipartisanship in this 14-month debate, perhaps she could get a job writing history books for the Texas school system.



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