Why not report it?

Written by Rosa Colucci on .

In response to the Aug. 8 letter by Mark Crowley ("Unfair to Victims"), in which he compares having to report a stolen gun to hypothetical laws requiring the reporting of a rape, car theft or kidnapping, I must question his logic. Not reporting these things harms only the victims, not society.

Straw purchases of guns, in which someone legally buys guns and resells them to criminals who cannot buy them, could be curtailed if the legal purchaser could not later claim the gun was lost or stolen when it is used in a crime and traced back to him,

At no point in his letter does Mr. Crowley reveal why he would consider it a "punishment" to have to report his gun stolen. Certainly it is not an infringement on his right to own that gun, since he no longer would have it anyway. I'm sure that if his wallet were stolen, he would report it immediately, in hopes that the police could locate the thief and return his property. Why should a gun be any different?




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