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Correction: I said in my last posting that Barack Obama spoke at the Brandenburg Gate, but actually he spoke at the base of the Victory Column in the Tiergarten, looking out in the direction of the Brandenburg Gate.

Charles Krauthammer is still a pompous oaf, however.

In reaction to that posting, I got this charming little email. Apparently, we are all doomed, according to the logic of this correspondent. Still, this represents the only time in my life that I have been called an American jingoist, or indeed an American-Australian jingoist, and that was a humorous consolation for being called stupid. I conclude that this reader must be new in town. By jingo, I shall have to inform the Welcome Wagon.

Without further snide comment, this is what my correspondent wrote:

"Your recent comment on Obama's Brandenburg Gate appearance noted something at the end about the possibility to 'lose the war on terror.'. To me this says that you believe that, somehow, someway, that that 'war' can be 'won.'

"Anybody who believes that this claimed 'war on terror' can be won is historically stupid. Terror tactics by ethnic or cultural groups have never been able to be stopped by foreigners. And often win out. Look how the Communist won control of China. The Jews got the Brits to leave Israel. Why did the French leave Morocco? Haven't you ever read South Africa's history? Speaking of terror look at Darfur.

"Yes, the Russians crushed the Polish underground after WW II was over. But the Germans never stopped the French resistance in WW II."

You come across as another American jingoist.



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