My impending unemployment

Written by Reg Henry on .

One of things that right wingers love to do is dream of my unemployment, or so I gather from my mail. They know that the newspaper industry is suffering and they assume it's because newspapers are liberal (actually, many newspapers are conservative and they are hurting along with the liberal ones, but, hey, we shouldn't let the facts get in the way of a good fantasy).

This is a sampling from just this past week from a gentleman - I use the term loosely - named Ed:

"I'm ... not impressed that you get paid anything to write the BS you and your employer print. Unfortunately for you, I don't think you will be getting paid to write your BS that much longer. Maybe you can be the recipient of one of the government programs you so love."

Here's my special gift to Ed: I can confirm that I will be unemployed next week. Unfortunately for Ed, I will be only unemployed one week. I am taking the week off as part of the compulsory furloughs that those not in the union here must take.

I will not be writing my column or my blog. I will not be in the office or even checking my mail from home. I will be on the dark side of the moon eating cheese and having a wonderful time not hearing from the likes of Ed.

Please reconvene here on Monday, June 29, when I return refreshed to my mission of driving the Eds of the world crazy. And certainly do not feel sorry for me - I'll gladly take a short vacation if it means improving the finances of the paper. Besides, my daughter is coming home and I intend spending some quality time with her and her new husband, Critter. It's all good.


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