Oil spill in the mind

Written by Reg Henry on .

        I apologize for my absence yesterday from blogging. I had promised to return to the fray Tuesday but when it came around I had writer’s block bigger than the Gulf oil spill. It extended to my column, which was one of the hardest I have ever written. Every last sentence and joke had to be pulled from the deepest recesses if my mind and it was painful.
        One of the problems is that I am unusually depressed — the aforementioned Gulf oil spill strikes me as having the potential not only to sabotage the last hopes of the Obama administration but also the whole country. It is oilameggdon. It is the moment when “Can Do America” finally can’t.
        As our mutual doggy friend Rover Spot Fido etc. said, “The oil spill ain’t Obama’s 9/11, it’s his Chernobyl.  Ours too.”
        Actually, people are saying (mostly right-wing people) that it is Obama’s Katrina. These are mostly the people who didn’t think that Bush did a bad job during Katrina but they don’t suggest a similar message when they use the phrase about Obama.
         In this, they might be partly right. The federal government isn’t in the oil drilling business and the remedy — if there is one — lies with BP. But the Obama administration appeared too detached from the problem early on and politics is often about appearances.
         How depressed am I? On Saturday, I sought entertainment in a cemetery — Sewickley Cemetery, to be precise, which celebrated its 150th year as a bone yard.
         A group of Civil War re-enactors, from the 63rd Pennsylvania Volunteer Infantry, were camped in the cemetery and concerts were performed. A group of pretty young women, Maidens IV, which is more maidens in one place than one usually sees in Sewickley, performed Celtic song and dance to great effect. And the Mockingbird Theatre Company put on an old-fashioned medicine show, with many jokes and banjo songs.

        It was joyous entertainment to wake the dead but it apparently it did not wake my better thoughts in the long run.
        Still, you didn’t miss me much while I was away. The responses rivaled the old days, before Joomla.
       Speaking of Joomla, I will take up the questions raised by Reg-ulators concerning strange asterisks appearing in text, as if a robot censor were at work. The PG’s technical staff shall be notified. I hear they are every bit as good as BP oil engineers.
       In old business, some of you raised a concern that a certain critic of this blog might have come on my tour of the PG. Some even though that it might be the quiet gentleman. To a degree of 99 percent certainty, I don’t think so. The quiet guy’s name was Mike and he sent me a great note of thanks afterwards, which would not be in character for our suspect.
      By the way, Scarlet, thank you for the gift of the Aussie bottle of wine. I haven’t drunk it yet but it looks to be a very fine drop and I will raise a glass in your honor. It was a gift not expected but much appreciated.

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