The Quitter twitters

Written by Rosa Colucci on .

Sarah Palin, the Quitter, recently informed her legion of followers that President Barack Obama's health-care reform includes a provision that will force senior citizens and handicapped children to be euthanized if the "death panel" composed of bureaucrats decides this fate.

Not only is Ms. Palin distorting the truth, this is from a woman who has demanded the media stop lying. She is out-and-out lying. Show me and America where this is in any of the bills. Show me and America who has ever said this. Show me and America where you get your facts, Ms. Palin.

This isn't just any politician spouting opposing views; this is a former vice presidential candidate suggesting the president is a mass murderer.

To clear things up for this disgraceful woman, she should start reading, anything, and she would find that Congress in 1990 had a provision in Medicare for everyone to seek counseling for late-life health care. Medicare already pays for hospice care. Or does she think a hospice is a death camp?

And to Ms. Palin, using your child for political gain is contemptible in our civilized society.

Sarah Palin, you are a liar, and for you I say, read, Sarah, read.




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