The mess continues

Written by Rosa Colucci on .

Regarding "Anger Rises as Security Suffers Near Baghdad" (Aug. 21): Iraq is rapidly proving it will be unable to govern its myriad factions successfully, thus prompting another reconsideration of the ongoing U.S. military presence there. Regardless of any outcome, it's apparent that Iraqis will never fully embrace each other's ethnic or tribal differences and instead will plant improvised explosive devices or send suicide bombers to kill the innocent at random.

These are people who really didn't need Saddam Hussein or George W. Bush to create chaos.

Despite every rationale that has been presented either under the Bush administration or after it, nothing should have placed Americans in the middle of this mess. While such a point is moot now, the lost lives, both Iraqi and American, as well as those sacrificed from the "coalition of the willing," are not.

Even as widespread genocide continues in Africa, not once have I heard any realistic discussion of military intervention to free the people from such tyranny -- that was only in Iraq, and only by President Bush and company, who should be recognized as the real weapons of mass destruction.



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