Guns and sense

Written by Rosa Colucci on .

Two recent stories underscore our country's bizarre and inexplicable inability to address with any common sense the problem we have with guns on our streets. In Arizona a man openly carries an assault rifle outside a venue where President Barack Obama is advocating for health-care reform, simply to demonstrate his right to do so. In New York, Plaxico Burress pleads guilty, accepting a two-year jail sentence, for illegally carrying an unregistered and concealed handgun and shooting himself in the leg.

There is no sympathy here for Plax. He easily could have injured or killed someone other than himself in that nightclub, and New York should be applauded for enforcing strict and sensible gun laws designed to protect the people, at times from themselves. But in Arizona, and in some other states, one can openly carry loaded guns, including assault rifles, in public, not to mention within a stone's throw from our president.Our collective inability to implement and enforce consistent and reasonable controls on guns is astounding, pathetic and sad. We should be able to stop quibbling over the interpretation of a few words in the Second Amendment and do what is right to protect all of us, especially our children and our policemen.The Framers would expect no less, and no doubt would be mystified by our failure to have achieved it long ago.

Upper St. Clair

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