Taxpayers are on the hook for generous benefits

Written by Rosa Colucci on .

Regarding "Ravenstahl Urges Unity on Pension Plan" (Aug. 28): Every day in your paper, I read that some government entity -- the Port Authority, some school district, the state or some other government-attached unit -- is having budget problems.

And each and every time the problem is always pensions or medical payments that are benefits in those groups. And you know who ends up paying for all those benefits? Exactly. You and I. And we are the people who have no such benefits paid for by our employers -- simply because our employers cannot afford those benefits. Our bosses cannot just raise the taxes to pay for the outlandish and obscene benefits those people receive.Ask any financial organization that handles pensions, and it will tell you it is impossible to have people retire after 25 years of service and receive huge pensions and medical benefits for the remainder of their lives. It is financially impossible. But these government-related groups keep raising the benefits and keep requesting more and more tax dollars to support these benefits.Come on, taxpayers. Let's do something about this absurd use of our tax dollars. Get out a pen and paper, or use your computer, and respond to those who are throwing away our hard-earned tax dollars. Let your representatives know how you feel -- that they won't spend another term in office if they don't respond with what the ordinary citizen asks for. Come on, taxpayers.FRITZ GREGO

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