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I read the article "Women Are Tackling Football in Increasing Numbers" (June 27). I first must congratulate Olivia Griswold and Sharon Vasquez for their achievement. It is an honor to be selected for Team USA.

However, Team USA only selected their players through a limited pool. USA Football failed to state that it was only the Independent Women's Football League players who were selected. There are two other leagues and a Pittsburgh team in each league: the Women's Football Alliance has the Pittsburgh Force, and the Women's Spring Football League has the Steel City Renegades. None of these teams, leagues or players are being represented in the international tournament.

It is unfair to leave these teams out because they too have amazing athletes. These athletes are punished for not being a member of the IWFL or for not having an IWFL team located near them. I ask that all fans contact USA Football with the dissatisfaction to get future international competitions changed to include all athletes from every league to field the best team possible.

I also urge Pittsburghers to come out and support all the hard-working women who play football.

Pittsburgh Force Offensive Guard

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