GOP money


On June 17, the Post-Gazette published a story about the 2006 election of Jim Marshall to the Pennsylvania Legislature. It was a feel-good story of how Mr. Marshall ran a grassroots campaign to defeat Mike Veon in the 14th Legislative District ("Cheating Increases Incumbent Home-Court Advantage").

Unfortunately, the premise that Mr. Marshall's campaign was a grassroots effort is far from the truth. Just a little bit of investigation reveals that in October and November of 2006, he received $159,000 from the Republican State Committee. That's hardly the mom-and-pop grassroots campaign your paper described.

It may have started with $10 firehall dinners, but by the end of it, 92 percent of his campaign financing came from the Republican Party! How can any representative effectively legislate on his own values when he owes so much to the insiders who got him elected?

Sorry, Mr. Marshall, but the headline should have been "another election bought and paid for."


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