Foul on Supreme 4


There should never be a 5-4 vote in the Supreme Court unless something real bad is happening, i.e., an attack against the Constitution. Rulings by the court should be as clear as an instant replay during a football game. All the slow motion angles are reviewed and a conclusive decision is made with which even the most ardent fans must agree.

Common sense and adhering to the rules reinforces our sense of justice as fans. Imagine the referee determining the outcome of a Super Bowl by making a call which he felt is fair despite the rules. That's what a 5-4 vote suggests, and the liberals among us are almost in a position to spike the Constitution.

Elena Kagan is the latest offering to undermine the intent of our Founders. She has no interest in protecting the Constitution but rather to trash-can it. If confirmed, she will be one of the four pushing to make the "bad call" that pushes the United States over the precipice. The fans of our way of life have to see it for what it is and start booing loudly.

West Deer

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