Rhetorical trick


While I would rather that people like Wanda Franz not get the attention they crave ("Retired Educator Has Spent 20 Years Battling Abortion," June 26), I recognize that the National Right to Life Committee's gathering in Pittsburgh is news. Your paper was right to cover it and also correct to send your religion reporter, Ann Rodgers, since the activities of this group are not so much political as they are an improper interference of religion in politics.

That said, I must object to the statement that Ms. Franz's group "does much of the legislative heavy lifting for opponents of abortion, infanticide and euthanasia." In fact, everyone is opposed to infanticide, which is why it has always been illegal. Grouping abortion with infanticide -- and lumping the difficult issues of assisted suicide and living wills under the umbrella of "euthanasia," as if these were the same as Nazi Germany's massacres of people with disabilities -- are both insidious attempts by the Right to Life Committee to draw a moral equivalence between these practices that does not exist. To enable this rhetorical trick is to confer on this group a legitimacy that it does not deserve.


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