Records release


I've been a citizen of these United States for 61 years, including four in its service. During my short time here, I have been trying to follow through on the 12 years of Catholic education by the good brothers and sisters who sometimes had to beat things into our thick skulls.

I realize that, as a Catholic, maybe the civics lessons were not as extensive as our public school-taught brethren. That being said, I have been feeling poorly for our poor Constitution.

On the local level, we have Pittsburgh City Council voting 6-0 to trample on it even further (with three gutless councilmen voting to abstain) ("Council: Police Review Should Slow," June 16). They even had the gall to suggest the records be held until after the statute of limitations runs out.

When a Common Pleas judge agrees with the review board that the records must be released, and the judge is disobeyed, who, like the rest of "us," will go to jail? If the G-20 summit records are so damaging to the city that the records must be withheld, then they must be released.

Contrary to the civics lessons learned long ago that our government at all levels is for the people, of the people and by the people, Pittsburgh City Council has replaced, by a unanimous vote (minus the gutless three), the word "people" with money. Has a nice ring to it ... of the money ... .

Indiana Township

Records release

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