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Written by Susan Mannella on .

In response to criticism of Jack Kelly's columns:
Mr. Kelly is like fresh air to journalism, unlike our mainstream media, which are out of touch with America. They constantly bashed President George W. Bush (who at times needed it) but are either afraid of or in the pocket of President Barack Obama's regime. They sound like they are campaigning for him instead of investigating the Marxist takeover of our republic.

I enjoy Jack Kelly. He is the only reporter with the guts to question this enlarged government control over Arizona's and over states' rights, the Internet and free speech. I am a former Democrat, turned Independent.

My party has betrayed me with corruption, bribery, arm-bending and socialistic rulings. Our debt is unsustainable, our unemployment is a travesty, spending outrageous and the health care bill is unconstitutional.

I admire Jack Kelly and wish more journalists were like him, not preaching his views, but investigating facts. Journalists, where is your honesty and integrity? You owe it to the American people to inform them of corruption and pro-Muslim and anti-American rhetoric coming from this White House.

We are Americans; we bow to no one. This is no longer about being Democratic or Republican; this is about honor, patriotism or acts of treason. We need more Jack Kellys to stand up for the truth.


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