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Written by Susan Mannella on .

The June 14 editorial "Public Notice: Newspapers Deliver on the People's Right to Know" is most correct and very important to our freedom. It has been in my mind for years that local newspapers are an essential and integral part of democracy and government. The Legislature should keep its grubby, corrupt hands off the local press across the state.

Good and concerned citizens who want to do something for American freedom that is easy and cheap should order a subscription to your local newspaper. No matter its ideological slant. Even if you read it on the Internet free and don't read the hard copy, that subscription is a very inexpensive investment in democracy. It will keep newspapers economically viable in this modern time, until they can adjust to the electronic information age.

Local newspapers inform people, which is sunshine. As Supreme Court Justice Louis Brandeis put it, "Sunshine is the best disinfectant" -- particularly where national and local government are concerned.


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