City living involves some give and take

Written by Susan Mannella on .

I live in the city. That means I wake up to the thump of car sound systems and the roar of trucks and buses. Pedestrians stroll and stomp by my window at all hours. I often go to sleep to the sound of my neighbors chattering and hollering about the day's events.

Admittedly, at times, this is bothersome and I sometimes fantasize about moving to the green lawns and chirping birds of the suburbs, but then I'd give up too much. I'd give up walking to the candy store and local playground with my children. I'd give up the neighborhood coffee shop where I bore the workers with my daily rant. I'd give up the art galleries, the restaurants, the museums, the sports stadiums all within a very short distance of my house.

So, what does all this have to do with George Janusz's recent blocking of buses on his street to the detriment of the senior citizens who rely on those buses ("He Throws a Legal Block to Detour Buses," May 12)? I guess it all reduces to my one simple, yet obvious, point regarding the issue. Mr. Janusz lives in the city. If he wants isolation, chirping birds and green lawns, he should move to the suburbs. If he wants all the city has to offer, he needs to accept a bit of inconvenience, especially if it's for his senior citizen neighbors.

Remember, Mr. Janusz, when you're old with an ever-present walker for a companion, you may need those buses idling in front of your house. It's a long way to the corner.


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