FedEx wants an edge on the backs of workers

Written by Susan Mannella on .

I read with great interest the May 11 Perspectives article by Maury Lane ("Senators, Beware: UPS Seeks to Change an Express Delivery System That's Been Working for America"), and I was not shocked by the contents.

These corporate bigwigs never cease to amaze me. When they have laws that benefit them and that they're able to hide behind, everything is just fine (Railway Labor Act), but once there is a chance of playing on a level field, it's time to start pointing fingers and crying the blues.

In the May 9 PG Business section, the article on independent contractors ("When Are Contractors Independent?") pointed out FedEx's use of independent contractors. Anyone with a head on his shoulders knows why it chooses to operate that way. FedEx has almost as bad a history of abusing its employees (contractors, associates or whatever today's catch phrase is) as Walmart. There's an accomplishment to be proud of.

Please don't call a spade a shovel; call a spade a spade. FedEx doesn't want to be moved from the Railway Labor Act to the National Labor Relations Act because it's afraid its workers or contractors or associates will unionize.

Let's be honest: FedEx doesn't want to give up its edge. FedEx is very much aware of the wage and benefit package given to the employees of its archrival, UPS, a unionized company. FedEx, like most American companies today, is more interested in Wall Street than Main Street.

Oh, by the way, if FedEx is such an upstanding part of our community as this piece would have us believe, why is it so afraid of unions?

I'm a proud Teamster retiree (although I did not work for UPS).


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