An unfair advantage

Written by Susan Mannella on .

Regarding "Senators, Beware" by Maury Lane (May 11 Perspectives): I hate to disillusion Mr. Lane, but FedEx Express is not an airline: It is a package delivery company. I can't remember the last time any business or residence received a delivery from FedEx by airplane, helicopter, blimp or hot-air balloon. Virtually 100 percent of FedEx deliveries and pickups are made from FedEx trucks driven by FedEx truck drivers.

Since its inception, FedEx has enjoyed an unfair and unjustified competitive advantage over UPS and other delivery services. The intent, of course, is to maximize profits while minimizing compensation by making it nearly impossible for the actual creators of the profit (the employees) to organize.

Congress has a responsibility to correct this unfair advantage given to FedEx Express and to permit all equivalent delivery companies to compete on a level field.

The writer is retired from UPS.

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