I blame parents

Written by Susan Mannella on .

I wanted to address the news story about the schoolteacher getting together with some vendors and volunteers and getting mattresses and bedding supplies to students ("Donated Beds Help Students Get the Rest They Need," May 26). Some students were falling asleep in class and, when questioned by the teacher, some mentioned that they did not have their own beds or shared a bed with multiple people.

Indeed, having a bed to oneself is one of the prerequisites for a healthy night's sleep, and this is certainly an admirable cause, but I feel that this is not the root of the problem.A good night's sleep might be more likely if kids went to bed at a decent time on school nights and didn't run the streets till well after dark. One of the mothers whose daughter was to receive a bed said she had four children and none of them had beds. Should people continue to have more kids than they can provide the basic necessities for?Also, I have personally seen on Port Authority buses small children dead asleep -- and I do not for a minute believe this is from lack of a good bed. Lack of good parenting is more like it. As a society we need to hold people responsible for their poor child-rearing skills -- throwing more material things at them will not make this problem go away.

Swisshelm Park

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