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Written by Rosa Colucci on .

After watching the boy-mayor's inappropriate and immature behavior on the 11 o'clock news Tuesday night, I am more convinced than ever that he is not competent to fill that position. Luke Ravenstahl got defensive when questioned about his whereabouts after not being able to be reached ("Mayor Gets Testy About Whereabouts," Feb. 17). We want to know whether he is doing his job! The answer is obviously "No!"

He was invisible during our snowstorm because his birthday celebration was more important than taking care of business, even though a storm was predicted more than two days in advance. He made sure he got out of town before the storm hit, and then he couldn't get back.

Mr. Ravenstahl clearly does not understand or care that he works for the citizens of Pittsburgh -- we pay his salary, and he is accountable for his actions. We just paid our substantial city and school district taxes, and our taxes pay him. How about some services and some respect in return?

A bad mayor can have a large influence on a city within a very short time. When a city population bands together, it can recall a mayor who is found to be corrupt, incompetent or unfit to lead. I would love to see that happen here and now!


Squirrel Hill


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